Supported Living

Our  team support a lot of people who live in their own houses, with their families and carers and in supported living flats and houses.

The team can help with finding a home, finding people to share with and with anything else you may need to live there.

If they provide you with support in your new home then this can be just for a few hours, perhaps if you only need support with paying a bill or cooking your meals, or they can be there whenever you are if that is what you need.

The amount you have to pay for the support and for the place you live depends on your assessment and on what other income you have.

If you haven’t had an assessment then you can ring Gateway to Care to ask for one. Their number is 01484 414933.

If you are interested in looking for a new place to live, or if you would like some help with the assessment, then please ring Dawn Wood on 01484 340811.

 You can watch the below film that follows the progress of four of our former homes residents moving into their own Supported Living flats


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