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How Are We Doing?

We would love to know from you how we are doing, what you think we do well and if there are any areas for improvement.  If you do have a complaint there are links below that can help you.


You can write to us at


Catherine Wood,
Chief Executive,
Mencap in Kirklees,
Independence House,
Holly Bank Road,


You can email


Or complete this form 

    There are organisations that can help support you if you do have a complaint about how we run as a charity or deliver a specific service.

    How we run as a charity – if you feel that you need to raise a complaint please follow the links below

    The charity commission can help you if you feel a charity is:

    Report serious concerns – change the name just to charity commission not report serious concerns

    • not doing what it claims to do
    • losing lots of money
    • harming people
    • being used for personal profit or gain
    • involved in illegal activity

    Contact the following regulators if you are unhappy about any of the services we provide or if you feel we haven’t dealt with a complaint in the correct manner.

    You can contact the CQC or Kirklees Council.

    Please remember we are here to help you with any issues you may have, equally we all welcome great feedback – please do not be afraid to tell us if you think we are doing something well.

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