Mencap in Kirklees

Quality Management

Date approved at Board meeting

Date last reviewed

Date next review due

27 July 2017

19 July 2018

18 July 2019

Who does the policy apply to?

All staff

Policy Statement

It is the policy of Mencap in Kirklees to maintain an effective Quality Management System (QMS) designed to meet the requirements of the ISO9001 standard which includes processes for continuous improvement and for the prevention of non-conformity as well as adhering to relevant regulatory compliance.

Policy aims

Our quality management system aims are to:

  • Apply a continuous process of improvement
  • Ensure involvement and commitment to quality by every employee
  • Conform to, or exceed client expectations

Performance in relation to these objectives is reviewed during management reviews of the QMS.


Mencap in Kirklees’ Quality Management System has been developed in pursuit of our core values and primary objectives and is applicable for the planning and implementation of various support services for people with a learning disability.

This policy covers our operations at the Head Office in Huddersfield and is aligned to our core values of:

  • Being person centred
  • Empowering, including and respecting people
  • Promoting positive ways of thinking about learning disability
  • Supporting life choices
  • Encouraging the development of new ideas

We intend to continually develop and deliver a high quality of service with integrity that meets client requirements through a process driven approach.

This policy is communicated to all person(s) working for or on behalf of Mencap in Kirklees (as part of induction training) and is available to all employees.

This policy is reviewed to ensure its on-going suitability, as or when there are key changes (e.g. in client, legislative, operational requirements etc.) and annually as a minimum during Management Review.

This policy is delivered with regard to the following procedures:

  • Non conformance
  • Internal audit


Version control

Carol Haigh

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