One to One Support

Community Support Service – One to One support.

Mencap in Kirklees Community Support Service provides a high quality support service to enable people with additional needs to live more independently, either in their own home or with carers.

The support we provide can also be used as an alternative to day services.

All our support staff are fully trained to a minimum of NVQ Level 2 in Health and Social Care. They also have all the extra training and checks that are needed to make sure that people are properly supported and kept safe.

 We can provide support with;

Personal Care, such as:

Getting up and going to bed.

Washing, bathing, showering, shaving, hair, mouth and skin care.

Dressing and undressing.

Assistance to use the toilet.

Support to be healthy, such as:

Planning and making healthy meals.

Taking exercise.

Making and going to health care appointments.

Referrals for adaptations and supporting you whilst people come into the home.

Household support, such as:

Keeping the house clean and healthy.

Doing the Laundry.


Changing beds.

Arranging for repairs to be done.

Shopping for household equipment and furniture.

Liaising with Gateway to Care for smoke alarms, care phones etc.

Support with money, such as:

Planning how to spend money or budgeting.

Going to collect money from the bank, building society or post office.

Paying bills.

Filling in forms and making telephone calls.

Setting up bank accounts and direct debits.

Support to enjoy a social life, such as:

Making and meeting friends.

Relationship support.

Going to places in the community.

Enjoying hobbies and activities – including following your favourite football or rugby team or going to pop concerts.

Going on trips or holidays.

Education and Employment, such as:

Finding out about courses, volunteering and employment.

Filling in forms and making applications.

Going to college, courses and placements.

Travel training.

To find out more about the community service you can speak to the Registered Manager Dawn Wood, or the Group Manager, Karl Jones. They are all available at our office on 01484 340811.

The community support service we currently provide to service users costs around £14 an hour and is funded in a variety of ways:

– Through Supporting People funding

– Through Social Services funding (Adult Services)

– Through personal funding (Self Funding)

– Through Personal Independence Payments and Direct payments.

CQC Ratings 2016 – Community Support – Requires Improvement

Community CQC Ratings 2018

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