Support in Groups

group support

Would you like to make new friends and go out in a group?
Would you like to make your support money go further?
We have qualified and experienced staff available to support groups of people who have a learning disability.

The group support works out cheaper than our one-to-one community support and is a good chance for people to share their interests and make new friends. We have one group running at the moment and we will start more each time we have at least four people interested.

People pay for the support and they also pay for their own food, drink and activity costs. Transport to and from the meeting place isn’t included so people need to arrange that for themselves.

As more people join a group the cost for each person goes down. A three hour group for 4 people costs around £8 an hour. The largest group we would usually support is for 7 people and the cost then is around £4.50 an hour.

Support group huddersfield

If you are interested in joining a group, or if you would like to find out more, then please phone Head Office on:
01484 340811

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