Employment Training with Oddjob



The Oddjob training scheme is now available as an alternative to a day service for people who are eligible for Council funding or are funding their own support needs.

The scheme is for people who have a learning disability who enjoy travelling around, meeting people and helping with gardening and handyperson work.  There is no time limit to their traineeship; people can stay on the scheme for as long as they want to.


Whilst they are on the scheme people can choose to work towards their ASDAN Employability Award and they can be supported to find paid or volunteer work.

The trainees meet Mike, our Oddjob coordinator at Waverley Café in Huddersfield at 10.00am and everyone goes out in the Land Rover to do the jobs for that day. They finish back at Waverley Café at 3.00pm. Trainees on the scheme need to be able to keep themselves safe near roads and other dangers with only a small amount of supervision from the coordinator.

If people need help with transport this could be arranged.

Neil, Will and Chris in the workshop

It costs £43.16 a day to be a trainee and this includes a packed lunch.  We only have 8 places a week so people will need to book a place if they want to come along.

If you would like any more information about the scheme or want to book a place please contact Mencap in Kirklees.

01484 340811 or email: info@mencapinkirklees.org.uk

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