Volunteering with Mencap in Kirklees

At Mencap in Kirklees we have a lot of different ways that people can volunteer to help people with a learning disability.

Learning disability covers a wide range of abilities and conditions. Some of the people we support are a bit shy and may struggle with reading and writing. Other people have higher levels of disability and may not be able to speak or may need help with all parts of their life.

Our job is to try and make sure that people with a learning disability have enjoyable lives and to make sure they get the same kind of chances as people without a disability.

Sometimes this help is needed because people can’t go out on their own. This can be because they are vulnerable to people taking advantage of them or because they can’t always keep themselves safe near roads and other dangers.

The kind of volunteers we are looking for would be at least 16 years of age, friendly and would enjoy chatting to people. They would enjoy having fun and would be keen to help other people have fun. They would also be sensible enough to let people do what they want whilst keeping an eye on them to make sure that they stay safe.

If you have your own interests, like arts and crafts, music, computers, gaming or more or less anything else then we would probably know people who would be interested. We also sometimes need people to help with promotional and office tasks, for example, photography and website design and maintenance.

There is no fixed time commitment to volunteering but it does help us plan if you let us know how much time you have spare and how long you will be free for. It won’t cost you anything to become a volunteer and we pay back any money you have to spend whilst you are volunteering.

Download an application form

Different Options

Mencap in Kirklees has quite a few different services. They’re listed below along with an explanation about what volunteering in each of them would be like.

mencap buddy

The Buddy Scheme

The Buddy scheme is a befriending service where each volunteer is matched up with a person with a learning disability. We have a long waiting list of people who would really like a Buddy. The idea is that the Buddies meet up regularly to do things that the person with a learning disability wants to do.

Ideally, people would be able to meet up for at least an hour once a week but we understand that some people won’t be able to volunteer that much time and any time you can give would be appreciated.

For the buddy scheme, we would also like people who could commit to volunteering for a bit longer. People get used to meeting up with someone and we don’t want them to have to keep starting and stopping. If you think you could volunteer for 6 months then that would be good but don’t worry if you end up not being able to.

Shared Leisure Groups

We think these are the most fun ways to volunteer. We meet up in groups to go out to regular leisure places. We visit pubs, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, nightclubs, the bowling alley and any other event or thing we can think of. The groups have up to seven people in and you would always be with a member of staff.

mencap leisure groups

The groups normally last for about 2 and a half hours and run once a week. You could let us know that you would usually be available most weeks, once a fortnight or less frequently, perhaps once a month.

We are going to be starting groups soon for people who share similar interests. If you have any particular interests or hobbies you might be exactly who we are looking for.

gateway club

Gateway Clubs

We have clubs that meet at Waverley Hall on a Monday and a Wednesday night from 6.15pm to 8.15pm. We could really do with some new volunteers for these clubs. Volunteering at them is pretty similar to volunteering at the day centres but the Wednesday club night always ends with a disco.

Day centres

Waverley Hall and Branches are two of our day centres. 18 to 40 people attend each day and they have a wide range of abilities. Sometimes people stay at the centre to take part in the activities they have chosen. Examples are making cards, painting, using the computers, drumming, tai chi, dance and drama. At other times they go out with staff for trips to museums and parks, to go swimming, horse riding and to any other places they have chosen.

day centres

Your role there would be to get involved in the activities and to chat to lots of people. We are also always looking for people who do interesting things. In the past, people have put on drama shows, music performances and ran art groups.

If you wanted to come for a one-off performance, maybe to sing or play the guitar, that would be great. You normally wouldn’t need all the checks and training other volunteers need because we will supervise you whilst you were there.

Waverley Café – Huddersfield

We have a Café downstairs at Waverley Hall. We serve food to the general public and give people with a learning disability a chance to train and gain a qualification. If you have experience, or an interest, in catering then we could always do with the help. If you like baking then maybe you could help us out with our cake delivery service.

Residential Homes

We have three residential homes. Volunteering in them would mean helping out around the house, socialising with the people who live there and generally being friendly and useful. Two of the homes are in Huddersfield and one is a bit larger and is in Ravensthorpe. The homes are very flexible when it comes to volunteers. Some people might do an odd hour now and again, some people visit more regularly

residential homes
events and fundraising

Events and fundraising

We are always looking for people who would like to help out with the events we organise and with our varied fundraising activities. In the past, we have held barn dances, valentine’s discos and taken part in sponsored walks and runs. You could offer to help out every now and again or if you would like to be more involved you would be welcome to join us on our Events and Fundraising Committee.

How to become a volunteer

The first thing to do is to give me,  Shelley Lane, a ring on 01484 340811 or you can email me at;

I will send you an application form and we will sort out a time to meet. If you live in the south of Kirklees this would normally be at Waverley Hall. Waverley Hall is on Waverley Road in Huddersfield, it’s the same road as the driving test centre and not far from the old Kirklees college building and Greenhead Park.

If you live in the North I would be able to meet you at Arena. That is at 2 Church Street, Dewsbury which is close to the bus station at the bottom of Daisy Hill.

We meet up for an informal chat so that we can both check that you are suited to volunteering with people who have a learning disability.
Once you have met with me, and all the other people who will want to talk to you, we will start the application process.

Because you will be volunteering with people who may be vulnerable, you will need to fill in a form so we can get a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check. The check looks at the police and court records to make sure you don’t have any previous convictions for things that might stop you from volunteering.

Don’t worry if you have old convictions for minor things, or for things that aren’t to do with how suitable you would be for volunteering with us. We only care about things that might make us think that you shouldn’t be around the people we support.

As another check, the application form asks for two references. These can’t be your family but teachers, friends or employers are fine.
When we have everything back we meet up again for induction training and also to look at any other training you may need. How much extra training you get depends on where you are hoping to volunteer.

We couldn’t run all the services we do without the help from volunteers so I really hope to hear from you.

Download an application form

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