Interviews for More2Do Assistant

1. Background

We received Big Lottery funding for the More2Do project which enabled us to recruit an assistant to support the project co-ordinator.  SL as Chair of the recruitment panel enlisted the help of More2Do members who had asked to be part of the process.

Six members took part in a mock interview at Head Office using questions they had prepared themselves. The mock interview was held in the meeting room where the real interviews would be so they could familiarise themselves with the room.  We spoke about how to score and compare answers and the importance of confidentiality. The members agreed who would ask each question and in what order. They also decided to shake hands with each candidate and introduce themselves at the start of each interview.

2. Interview Day

The members arrived half an hour before the first interview to have a final run through of their questions. We put some thought into where they would spend the breaks between the interviews and agreed to use the garden area or to sit in with the day service across the hallway.  They were introduced to the day centre staff and said that they had really enjoyed spending time with the people we support and the staff.

More 2 do interview process

One of the six members was unable to attend on the day so the panel was reduced to 5 members and their question re-allocated. The member panel was made up of:

Wayne, Gemma, Iva, Jade, Sam

Linda Green kindly helped the panel by writing down the answers given by the candidates and going through these notes as a reminder at the end of each interview.

3. Format

The interviews were in two stages. Shelley and Carol asked questions first whilst the members waited outside. Then Shelley & Carol left and the members came in with Linda to ask their questions. When the candidates left, Carol and Shelley re-joined the group to listen to the discussion but didn’t make any contribution to the scoring.

The first candidate did not attend for their interview so only 3 candidates were interviewed.

After the first candidate, we broke for lunch and enjoyed a buffet provided for us by Waverley Café.

more 2 do

4. Decision

When the last candidate had finished their interview Carol & Shelley added up all the scores from both interview panels. The person with the highest score was offered the job and they accepted.

4. Feedback

All the members really enjoyed taking part in the interviews and said they would like to be involved in other recruitments processes in the future.

Shelley & Carol thanked everyone for their time and for taking part in such a professional manner. Shelley reminded everyone that everything that had happened on the day had to remain confidential and couldn’t be shared with anyone else.  All the members thanked Linda for helping with note taking and summarising the answers.

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