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Below is information regarding Kirklees Council’s latest budget consultation and carers may be interested in taking part.  The first document is about budgets and below are more easy to read consultation booklets.   This consultation closes on 20 December.


Kirklees Council budget consultation (Balancing the books)

Like all local councils, Kirklees is facing major budget cuts. We’ve worked hard to make cutbacks over the last few years to become more efficient and this has reduced the council’s budget by £62 million annually. So far, we’ve been able to do this without too much immediate impact on people and services. But this will change as the council has to make more budget cuts – rising to another £67 million per year (so £129 million per year in total) by 2017. Some difficult decisions will have to be made.

 The council’s Cabinet have put together their draft budget proposals for 2014-15 and we are now consulting on these. The proposals for 2014-15 are a starting point for the next three years and further budget reductions will be needed.

 How to share your views

You can find out more about this consultation and how to take part at – this webpage includes an information booklet and an online survey for submitting your responses, along with full details of the council’s budget proposals. The consultation is open until 20th December 2013.

 Please take the time to tell us what you think and let others know that the consultation is happening – we’d like as many people as possible to take part and share their views.

 If you have any queries, please contact us at

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